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tv   [untitled]    July 17, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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leadership development. working with youth at ernest engingalls and at visitation valley clubhouse with the kids from that area. keeping our youth of the street from occupied and healthy is key and vital to a healthy san francisco. many of the natural fields are home to the largest gopher population, making our fields dangerous and unusable. upkeep is expensive and consumes enormous natural resources. the current generation of turf fields are safe, sustainable, and reuse materials that would be slated for a landfill or incineration. having coached on both services over the last 30 years, i can say the turf fields are safer.
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there are less injuries. increasing the available field space will enable more youth in our city to have places to play, build their character, and contribute as productive citizens to a healthier, more vital san francisco. the only choice i see that you have tonight is to vote against the appeal for the r and to support the project going forward. thank you. president chiu: next, speaker -- next speaker, please. >> i may be well known to a few people because they seem to come to city hall and speak quite frequently often with my daughter. i have a son who was 12. we live in the financial district. i am speaking tonight as a parent but i could be almost any parent in the city and say some of the same things. i agree with phil ginsberg on
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how difficult it is to find a place to place -- a place to play soccer. we have to schedule and you only get a small space. we might go to a park. my son's team will have center field and someone will have right and left field at the same time. this is not optimal. i am -- i want to push this active recreation plan. i do not think you have one for the city. i did not see an overall plan for it. i continue to seek transactions that you do at the board level that take away active recreation space and that worries me. washington is an example. what has gone on at justin herman plaza will we put in a new plaza when we took out and we did that old one, we would like a perfect -- a playground and now we have to play for-pay
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for it. we live in the most dense neighborhood in the city and have the least amount of recreations space. you have a greater opportunity to go after this space and approve it. it is bittersweet. we're considering leaving on a trip and we will get other neighborhoods to move to in the u.s. because san francisco is not a good place and this is one of the aspects. sometimes you need to see the face of the people that are making a decision and their boarding passes. i have the boarding pass in my hand. hope to make it -- hope you make a good decision. president chiu: thank you. next speakers, please. come on up. >> hello, i am jake and when i started on the first game of my season, a bunch of sprinklers
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came out on the soccer field and delayed their games so it could not play for long time and i tripped over one of them and hurt myself. i like turf better because it is safer. it is not as bumpy as grass. so. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. if you want to pull the microphone down so we can hear you. >> my name is ben and when i got a pass from my teammate take over there and i had a scoring opportunity, the ball was not in the right position and i had an open shot. i tripped on a lump in the grass which made me fall, hurt myself, and make me not kick the ball at
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all. i think turf is better because it is flatter and you do not mess as easily. -- mess up as easily. >> i am a homeowner and a coach. i want to & francisco and golden gate park. -- to improve the san francisco and golden gate park. there was a cleanup day. i have my kids volunteer. we went to the beach l.a. fields. they are supposed to be used for
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soccer. they're not a meadow. there were once that no one wants to use because they're in such poor shape. other things is san francisco need more quality fields and over the years, four years ago, we came -- before this case -- became an issue, we said the fields are so bad, every game i was pulling kids off the field because they were getting into ruts and holes. i brought buckets of dirt to fill the holes before the game. the fields because of overuse, because of bad soil, or because of the weather, grass fields are difficult to keep up in san francisco. thank you. i hope you vote in favor of the project. president chiu: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i am halya and i play for
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evolution. i think i should -- i support beach soccer. kids need more turf fields to plant. >> i think it is important to stay strong and active and soccer is a great way to do that. >> good evening. if we have more turf fields, more people will want to play soccer, stay active, healthy, and strong. >> hi, i thnink the exact same
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thing as my teammate, family. we should have more turf fields so we can have -- stay healthy and strong. >> hi, my name is sarah and i play for abolition. i think this should be a turf field because it will not get rained out and that way, kids will get more time to practice and play games. >> my name is naya. i like soccer because it gives me a chance to be confident. i can do it.
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>> i am the team manager for the evolution knighthawks. the girls' interest in soccer is evidenced by their patients and i want to emphasize the importance to them of having quality fields throughout the city that allow them playing time. it is very difficult to find playing time. the city needs these fields. i hope you vote the right way. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i am the director of technical development for efc and coach. i have coached in san francisco and the east bay for over a decade. it has been clear evidence to me that the amount of confidence that the young players, young girls and boys i have worked with a play on turf soccer fields which offer a level of
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consistency as well as a level of safety which are two main concerns and a major factor for proper development. where soccer is not necessarily about competition. it is about growth and development as well as having a healthy and happy and are meant to thrive in. turf does present this level of consistency. be it that it is an even playing surface, it is all- weather. kids will not be rained out and provides endless hours and countless opportunities to be out there with lights as well well into the evening. i feel like this project provides amazing opportunity for the san francisco soccer community as well as lacrosse and other sports to be able to better develop the youth of the san francisco community.
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i am 100% behind it. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, buenos tardes. i anm co-founder of the mission soccer league. we have players playing year round. i was one of the founding coaches in 1976. i want to start this with a quote from benjamin may. the tragedy is not reaching our goal. the tragedy lies in not having goals to reach. it is not a calamity to dry with dreams unfulfilled but it is a calamity not to dream. it is not a disgrace to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace not to have stars to reach for. for the gentleman here, as supervisor was worried about
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scrapes and bruises. after 20 years of coaching, -- coaching 2000 children, i have seen broken legs and broken ankles from beach l.a. a gopher's life cannot replace that of a child. this is not a toxic waste dump but is a field of dreams. but our future children dream to play again. do not let these dreams die with injury and replace them with joy. the fisher family did not pay as to be here. the future of our children did. understand, this is to save children's lives. we get them out of gangs spread their plank soccer on the soccer field, or any sport to keep them active. i am also a professional landscaper. this is 65 feet tall for the
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gentleman who was worried about the lights. thank you for your time and patience trade -- time and patience. >> i have copies of my statement in case i did i get the tayran their address to all the supervisors. in the executive director out of lacrosse for life for the last 11 years. we focused on introducing lacrosse and life skills to children of color. our main outreach is in bayview hunters point. we began returning -- turning down requests. as we consider the issue of the beach chalet development, i urge you to keep all the facts into consideration. this was established two decades ago. 20 years ago the epa determined the site was toxic and needed federal assistance to clean it up. 20 years ago is a long time and thousands have grown up since then.
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where they play a still toxic, still smelly, still unsafe, and so isolated. the eir effectively states that the potential adverse effects are in -- and significant. much safer than playing at hunter's point as it stands. the environmental impact of recycling thousands of rubber tires that would be sent to a landfill is positive. the development of increased activity should be equally accessible by all children especially those whose children -- whose literal backyards are toxic and filled with the highest concentrations of pollutants in the city. i want to address an issue of the western sun said. there are a lot of people who fail. in order to have lacrosse fields, they have to be run at an angle which closes off the rest of the fields which would reduce access. please give the children of
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hunters point and bayview even though they will take an hour and a half bus ride to get there to participate in the national environment of the golden gate park and the clean place to play and have them feel like they're part of san francisco, too. president chiu: nicks speaker, please. >> hello, i lived in this city my whole life. i have been playing soccer since i was 3 years old. this year i was was to have 12 games. i was only able to play half the games but i was really bummed. tonight i did not come because i was told i had to. i wanted to play at the beach shall lay without fear of tripping in gopher holes. please vote to deny the appeal so i can play. president chiu: next speaker. >> i am a native of the bay
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area. myself and my family have well- supported san francisco for a long time. my grandfather was the parks commissioner for 25 years and he was thrilled to hear about his great granddaughter playing sports. he was -- would have been very thrilled. i know that you-if he was here today, he would also support this project. in the memory of keith eichman, i hope you vote to go through with this project. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speakers, come on up. pull the microphone down to you. >> hello, i want the astroturf because usually when i play soccer and i tried to keep the
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ball, there are some a bumps in the holds that the ball misses. thank you. >> i think we should change the field to astroturf because i like playing soccer and it is my favorite sport. usually i do not like games getting readout and is more safer. thank you. >> good evening. our family live a quarter mile from soccer fields. we brought our kids out mostly to take advantage of the free pizza but also to give them a chance to participate in a conversation about an issue that directly affects them. kids love soccer. they get the proposed renovations will go a long way to mitigating cancellations due
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to lack of available playing space. that does not mean they did not appreciate nature. their love nature. they understand nature. they understand it so well they can tell you the difference between dedicated soccer fields and a man-made urban park and wildlife refuge. unfortunately for those of us who are held hostage in a seemingly endless process, the opponents of the projects struggle with that distinction which is why i am asking you please, help us end the stonewalling by voting no. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. i am a resident of the outer sunset. i have been a strong supporter of this project and i have attended many meetings and hearings as possible over the last few years. tonight i am fortunate that i can attend this hearing with my
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wife and i have course my youngest son to come up here with me tonight. if you could grant us some extra speaker time i would appreciate it because why it may have something to say. he is 6 years old and our older son is 14. our family feels strongly about this project because we have benefited greatly from the citi field project that has been accomplished your out other areas of the city. the fisher family has made a significant investment in contributed to the fields in our city. there is a number of people up here that want to vilify the fissures for their investment -- fishers fir their investment in this -- fior their investment in this project. i thought i would give you a good and bad day of what our
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life is like using the beach chalet in its current format. i will drop off my older son at practice and to quiet on the field and we will play an over to the park shelle. to do that we have to walk around a huge chain link fence and dodge a few homeless encampments along the way. after hanging out we will go back and pick up our older son and hopefully no one got hurt in practice. on a bad day, we will repeat the same activities i just scribed and get back to practice to find out that somebody has been seriously injured because of the play's surface. on a worst day, the field will be shut down altogether because of rain or seasonal closures that have been discussed earlier. i just got back from vacation recently with my older son and wyatt had a story -- president chiu: thank you. if he wants to speak for two
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minutes, the time is his. >> me and my mom were walking our dog and he went to the beach chalet field and it was closed and there was nobody there and it was locked. it was saturday. >> in summer? >> yeah. president chiu: thank you. next speakers. >> i play on the sunset stars. grassy fields, lots of kids get hurt. i slipped on a hole and hurt my
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back. it if rains -- it rains, it gets close down. the park is too crowded because a lot of people like turf and they want to play there. please support our soccer fields. thank you. >> we are homeowners in the outer sunset and our children go to school there. i urge you to please support this project. our children need a place to play. i am sure it is not a surprise that we have a number -- small number of children in our cities we want to try to make a good for people to stay. i resent the opponents say that we are exporting our children by bringing them here to speak on this issue because it is their issue and trust me, none of us want to be sitting with our children in city hall for six hours so they definitely feel strongly to be here. if the beach complex for a beautiful meadow i would not be up here speaking to make in a
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soccer field but it is already a soccer field. it has a purpose to be a soccer field. it already is one. we're not taking anyone's nature experience away by allowing the kids to play on a better surface that is safer and open trade my husband -- safer and open. when the fields are closed, they go and everyone is there. i urge you to support our project and did not listen to the one i feel is a vocal minority of people who have in less time to come to hearings and do many other things. those of us who have children are busy. many people are traveling at this time of the year. thank you and i hope you support the field. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening.
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i have lived in russian hill for 30 years. when playing soccer, i had to go to beach chalet, coalfield, etc.. i am speaking on behalf of adult men and women playing soccer in the city. they are as much a concern as the children are. most of the play is on weekends. the fields have always been a problem with is a number available, allocation, and condition. the growth of adults and children playing soccer has been phenomenal. it has outpaced baseball and football. when i started playing at 40 years and a half, the golden gate women soccer league which i have belonged to and been in the community since 1985, 26 years ago, had 16 teams.
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it has 48 teams and the highest is 54. there is an adult men and women's soccer league. they have a combined average total of about 3600 players. that does not include the san francisco co it leak or recreation pick a bleak and practices in the evening. these fields are not only used for soccer but rugby and gaelic football. this was an initiative of creating turf field spread we were forced to play outside san francisco. it mi -- at millbrae and oakland. we have an opportunity to satisfy these needs. beach chalet has been a designated place to play soccer.
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i hope that -- president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i live in the outer richmond. thank you for your patience and -- i am listening to us. i went to the public meetings were back when so i share your patience on this. i think it is important if you recognize the odor richmond. i live in the triangle between washington high school, the poll fields, and beach chalet. unlike the outer sunset where they can go and play, i have nowhere to play and my kids have nowhere to play. if you go to polo fields right now, page closed sign. the field is surrounded by a chain-link fence. beach shelle, surrounded by a chain-link fence. washington high school, a big chain link fence and began a play on it. it is important for those of us
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that we also get a part. is open and available for us to play. i think it is important and you win over this one with staff, to recognize this is a renovation of existing facility. it is a port facility and needs to be renovated to modern, sustainable standards and that is what this project and this eir is addressing. how to turn this athletic field for at least 75 years into a modern athletic field so we can all enjoy it. thank you. president chiu: thank you. >> i am the president of the california soccer association, north. in september we will celebrate 110 years of existence in san francisco serving the soccer committee. we have 12,000 members ages 18 to 65. 2000 of them play in san francisco.
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you have already heard from our member woman pose a league that has to play outside the city. our -- some of our members, 60% of them are latinos who are underserved because they do not have a place to play either. many of the time they have to play out of the city and cannot use beach shelle because of its poor condition for its -- it is closed or over broke. the real issue i think for you should be the safety of the children. not what i believe or what the opponents believe. but how many broken legs of 10- year-old and 8-year-old have to be suffered before somebody recognizes this is an unsafe environment. the folks who are opposed to the eir were the very people who demanded that it be done. and now because they did not
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get the result the wanted, the one you to delay it more. did not keep delaying it. if you move to another site, do not delay it there. if you move to mcclaren park, they will delay it. please uphold the eir and let's move forward with this project. >> i have been involved in soccer all my life, 32 years here. we live in the 21st century and as we use of the advances in other walks of life, we should also be able to benefit of the advances we can use for recreational sports such as synthetic turf. park